Media pack

This Media Pack is designed to provide you with quick and relevant information about the Green Gown Awards Australasia to be used by you in your communications. It includes a range of texts and ideas, suggestions and resources that you can adapt and use in a variety of ways to help spread the news about the Awards. Please feel free to use the contents and promote amongst your networks, membership, events, newsletters and other.

The ethos of the Green Gown Awards is to celebrate, share and promote the outstanding sustainability leadership, management and best practice initiatives from tertiary education in Australasia, and across the globe. The aim of this pack is to aid this dissemination. Please do send us a copy of any of your communications for our archives. Thank you for your support!

If you require any further information or help, please contact

The Media Pack will be updated throughout the Awards’ key milestones. Last update: 30 July 2018

Ideas for actions (where/if applicable)

  • Include in your newsletters – printed or electronic
  • Include in your communications to your members – printed or electronic
  • Post on your websites
  • Include in your event listings
  • Include in your conference/event programmes
  • Publish some of the case studies relevant to your focus areas
  • Post a tweet
  • Make a social media posting (eg. facebook/ LinkedIn)

Logos and graphics


Finalist brochure