Video submissions

The hard deadline is Thursday 25, October 2018

All organisational finalists’ videos will be played during the Green Gown Awards Australasia ceremony and gala dinner on 1 November 2018 at the National Wine Centre of Australia in Adelaide, SA. Furthermore, these videos will also be disseminated and promoted extensively through ACTS, the EAUC and Campus Responsables after the awards ceremony (via online resource banks, social media and other networks throughout Australasia, the UK and Europe).

If you are successful in one of the International Award categories (Continuous Improvement: Institutional Change, Benefitting Society and Student Engagement), your submission will automatically be in consideration for the International title. If you win, your video will be shown at the International Green Gown Awards ceremony.

Outstanding Leadership Team and Individual finalists are not required to submit a video.



  • The video should be between 1-2 minutes in length and a maximum of 2 minutes.  Due to time constraints, this requirement MUST be adhered to. Longer videos will be stopped after 2 minutes with the remainder of the content not shown at the ceremony.
  • The video must be about your shortlisted project. Make it as visual and as interesting as you can, highlighting the challenges and any issues encountered as well as the benefits and any unexpected positive outcomes.
  • Please ensure you address the aims of the video, which is to allow people to learn from your success, understand why your initiative was a finalist/winner and how institutions could replicate your activities within their own institutions.
  • If you use music to accompany the video please ensure it is freely available and not commercially copyrighted.
  • Consider including a quote from your Vice Chancellor / President / CEO on “what it means to be recognised in the Awards”.
  • If the video includes interviews/speakers, please try and include their name and title.
  • Include information about where viewers can find out more about the project.
  • Please top and tail the video with:
    • The Green Gown Awards Australasia logo (download it here)
    • Your institution’s logo
    • The category entered

You can view [previous case study videos] for guidance and inspiration!


Technical Requirements

  • The format for the videos should ideally be MP4 (click here for more information on supported formats). Resolution: 1920×1080 or 1280×720
  • Video Compression: H.264 with AAC audio
  • Quality: Two pass encoding


Tips for a great video

  • Avoid a full video of talking heads – try to include lots of images of your initiative.
  • Please avoid creating a 2-minute promotional video for your institution – this is a sharing and learning opportunity, not a marketing opportunity!
  • Try to address some of the following points to create a clear concise resource for others:
    • The name of the institution and the purpose of the video
    • The summary details of your finalist initiative
    • What did you hope to achieve from undertaking this project? And did you achieve it?
    • What aspects did you find challenging? How did you overcome these challenges?
    • How was your project received by others?
    • How did you disseminate your findings within your institutions and to the wider community?
    • What leadership and/or resources did you need to undertake your initiative?
    • Were there any surprising outcomes of the project that were not expected?
    • Were there any significant factors that contributed to your success i.e. VC directive? Successful grant funding?
    • What have you learnt from this project that you would like to tell others if they were to reproduce the initiative within their workplace?

This list is not exhaustive or complete; please address those issues important and relevant to you and your initiative. Ensure that the video is interesting, concise and relevant for its intended audience – remember it will be shown at the Australasian Awards ceremony in Adelaide.



It has been demonstrated time and time again that by following the guidelines above, high-quality videos can be produced with no or limited budget within a short period of time!

The Awards Team does appreciate however that creating a case study video can difficult for some institutions. If you have any issues with your finalist video, please let us know well before the submission deadline so we can discuss options for providing support.


Please make sure your video is named correctly before uploading

GGAA2018-[your application reference code]_[acronym of the category]_[your institution]

For example, “GGAA2018-11_CHFC_CSU.mp4”

Submit your video