Nguragaingun, Ngara, Pemulian – our new Curriculum Garden and Biodiversity Management Plan

The bold choice of launching a new institutional-wide strategy during the COVID pandemic has offered the University of Sydney an opportunity to not only co-design a new strategy and ensure initiatives reach across research, education and operational areas. The Curriculum Garden is one of these initiatives.

The Curriculum Garden is a collaborative Living Lab project with Open Spaces (grounds), Botany (in the School of Life Sciences) and the Sustainability Strategy acting in partnership to deliver a native planted garden that not only aligns with the principles of the University’s One Sydney, Many People strategy, it also provides plant samples for botany labs which would otherwise have to be sourced from across NSW. The garden will also provide an opportunity for students to experience the institution as well as an open space for staff and students to enjoy. The garden will also feature signage in English, scientific and Sydney indigenous languages.

> Full case study coming soon.


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