Zero hour for zero carbon at UTAS

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) became carbon neutral certified (by the Commonwealth Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard) in 2016, as one of only two certified Australian universities. Joining Race to Zero in early 2021 underpins our commitment and recognises the climate emergency. Already carbon neutral, UTAS meets all Race To Zero criteria (pledge, plan, proceed, publish).

UTAS has reduced emissions even before these public commitments. Key initiatives include: complete fossil fuel divestment; reduced embodied carbon emissions in new buildings; transitions from natural gas to electric; all new developments PV ready; 10 years of supporting transport mode shift to more sustainable options; and our ever-expanding Re-Use Program. While emissions reductions are already embedded in energy, transport and waste plans, a targeted Emissions Reduction Plan by source focuses on further reductions. Residual emissions are offset through domestic and international projects with environmental and social co-benefits, delivering a zero net emissions UTAS from 2016.